Sometimes it is necessary to ask more than one question. As well as asking, 'What names of airline companies can you recall?', it would be useful to ask first, 'Do you ever travel by air nowadays?' Analysis of recall among travellers and non-travellers could then be carried out. A check should also be made to ensure that the question is only asking about one dimension, e.g. 'Do you think cream cleansers get surfaces clean without scratching them?' In this case a 'No' answer could mean that cream cleansers do not get surfaces clean, or that they do scratch. Most questions of the form, 'Why did you choose a particular product or service?' have two possible lines of reply. One relates to the perceived attributes of the product or service, and the other describes the circumstances leading up to its choice and how the respondent came to hear about the product or service. It might therefore be better to use the two questions, 'How did you first come to use this product or service?' and 'What do you like about using the product or service?' Unidimensionality refers to the need for each question to be asking about only a single point.

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