Thematic apperception

Thematic apperception tests are usually referred to as 'TATs', or 'picture interpretation'. The individual is shown a picture and asked to say what is going on in the picture, what happened just beforehand and what will happen next, or is asked to tell a story based on the picture.

The original clinical TAT used 20 standard cards, but when used in market research it is more usual for fewer pictures to be used, and for them to relate to the specific topic under investigation. In a picture interpretation test used by a public library, a picture was shown of an individual going into a library. Both users and non-users of libraries were asked to describe the events that had led up to that individual going to the library, what would happen while in the library and what would happen next. A comparison of responses revealed differences in attitude among library users and non-users, and suggested ways in which non-

users might be attracted to use library services.

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