The scale of the experiment

In determining how big the experiment must be, there is a trade-off between smallness, which equates with cheapness, and largeness, which equates with increasing reliability. Whether cost or reliability of data is the more compelling criterion will be decided by the nature of the experiment and its significance to the organization.

The scale of the experiment may also be influenced by the size necessary to produce a representative experimental area. Sometimes this can be done by simply using a group of shops or outlets for the product, or by using test towns. On a large scale, ITV areas are used for experimenting with consumer products, and sales districts may be used for experiments with industrial products._

The size of the test area will also be influenced by its need to be representative in ways appropriate to the experiment. This may mean representative of characteristics of users (whether they be consumer or industrial), distribution channels, sales of the product group or sales force capacity, or representative in terms of media coverage.

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