The report

A written report provides an important indicator of the quality of the research, since it gives clues to the clarity of the researcher's mind. The first thing to check is whether the findings have been presented in a logical order, i.e. not necessarily in the order that questions come off the questionnaire. A logical order is one in which the report either presents relevant data and draws conclusions from it, or draws conclusions and offers supporting data for them. Topics will be sequenced in such a way that the report draws the reader along a well-structured argument to the point of conviction. A jumble of ill-organized facts is not an indicator of good-quality research. The report should be clear and readable and written in good English. It should include a meaningful summary, and should reach sensible and well-argued conclusions, if appropriate.

The research buyer must be convinced that something sensible was specifically asked for, that the result represents good value for money and that it is of good quality. This will give them more confidence in relying on and using the results.

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