Supporting evidence

It is sometimes useful to be aware of any evidence the agency may have in support of their particular qualifications to undertake the research. For example, they may have particular experience in this marketing area. The problem may be to do with new product development and the agency is particularly well known for the quality of its new product development studies. It could be an advertising problem and the agency is particularly well known for its expertise in the area of advertising research, and so on.

The agency may have particular experience of the kind of techniques involved. Perhaps the research problem demands the application of complicated scaling exercises. It would be reassuring to know that the agency, or more particularly its interviewers, are well practised in the use of these techniques and will not be experimenting with a new and complicated system on this survey.

It is sometimes helpful to read brief and relevant curriculum vitae of the personnel who will be working on the research project and involved in the day-to-day matters of organizing and controlling it. This is particularly so when agency personnel have relevant industry experience. A point to note here, as with most service agencies, is which personnel will actually be working on the job, as opposed to those who have been involved in selling it. A good job is more likely to be done if the people involved in the day-to-day running of the research have also been involved in the briefings and proposals.

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