Relevant expertise

■ Did the agency produce any convincing evidence to support their particular suitability for the work?

■ Do they have relevant expertise?

■ How many years of appropriate research or marketing experience do they have?

■ Have their fieldworkers used the sampling and questionnaire techniques before?

■ Have their data processors used the statistical techniques before? Communication

This is a most important aspect of determining which agency to select. If the proposal is well explained then it is likely that the final report will be. If the agency personnel have clearly demonstrated their understanding of the problem, then it is likely that they will produce a sensible answer to it. The client should feel 'on the same wavelength' as the agency personnel. If the client and the agency personnel have communicated easily over briefing and proposals then it is likely that they will work effectively together in handling any problems that may arise during the research. Feeling that a particular group will be the right people for the job should not be underestimated as a criterion for awarding the job to them.

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