Rating scales

In Sections 6.2.2 and 6.2.3, attitude measurement and motivational research were discussed. Commonly, these techniques involve the use of rating scales or projective questions. Where special question techniques are used in a questionnaire, it is important that the interviewers are trained in the application of the technique and are quite clear about what is required both from them and from the respondent. The great value of rating scales is that they make it possible to quantify complex and multidimensional concepts. The dimensions themselves are uncovered in preliminary research using qualitative open-ended question techniques. Analysis of answers to rating scales requires the application of special statistical techniques, and these are discussed in Section 10.3.3. Two kinds of rating scale are commonly used. One is the semantic differential scale discussed in Section 6.2.2 and illustrated in Figure 6.2. This requires respondents to assess each brand separately on a number of dimensions. An alternative approach is shown in Figure 8.4, where all the brands are assessed on one dimension at a time.

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Figure 8.4: Example of a rating scale

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Figure 8.4: Example of a rating scale (Continued)


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