■ Which pack and pack design to use for a product. Data requirement

■ Does the pack stand out in a display?

■ Is the pack easily recognized?

■ Is the pack easy to open, use and close if necessary?

■ Does the pack design communicate positive messages? Data sources

■ Specialist research services (see Section 4.5.1).

■ Consumer surveys to measure:

o Attention value (see Notes for Guide 3, Section 16.9).

o Identification score (see Notes for Guide 3, Section 16.9).

■ Test centres, hall tests or mobile van tests: for functional performance, e.g. ease of opening, understanding of pack instructions (see Notes for Guide 3, Section 16.9).

■ In-home placement tests: for performance in normal use (see Notes for Guides 1 and 2, Sections 16.8 and 16.9).

■ Group discussions and depth interviews: for package concept association tests.

■ Consumer survey using attitude rating scales for pack designs (see Notes for Guide 3, Section 16.9).

■ Pseudo product test: to uncover pack communication value (see Notes for Guide 3, Section 16.9).

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