■ Which advertisement to use? Data requirement

■ Consumer response to advertisement ideas/roughs:

■ Do they understand the advertisement correctly?

■ Can they recognize it easily?

■ Can they remember it easily?

■ Do they like the advertisement?

■ Does it give positive associations and imagery to the product?

■ Does it make them want to buy the product? Data sources

■ Specialist research services: some research agencies specialize in advertisement testing (see Section 4.5.1).

■ Made-to-measure research surveys: usually small-scale qualitative research using recall tests, recognition tests (see Notes for Guide 5, Section 16.11), group discussions or depth interviews for comprehension, liking, positive associations and imagery. Projective techniques may be used (see Sections 6.2.3 and 6.2.4, and Notes for Guide 5, Section 16.11).

■ Hardware techniques occasionally used for advertisement testing are the eye-camera, tachistoscope and psychogalvanometer (see Notes for Guide 5, Section 16.11); area testing using quantitative techniques (see Chapter 12).

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