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The 'quality' press and the financial and economic press regularly produce industrial and commercial reports on various aspects of business, companies and products. Information services of the relevant press can be contacted to discover whether a report is available. Searches are available online for most quality newspapers. This may involve registering and paying a fee. Many libraries hold back copies of newspapers on CD-ROM and this can help the free search for relevant articles.

Some of the best press websites include:

■ The Financial Times:

■ One Foot in the Grave:

■ Wall Street Journal:

■ The Economist:

■ Far Eastern Economic Review:

Most of these sites allow a limited search of the archive but may charge for this service. Foreign and international organizations' published data

All the data referred to as being available for the UK are available for most well-developed economies through a variety of foreign and international data-producing organizations. The Trade Partners Information Centre in London maintains a library of world statistics and this provides an excellent starting point for any investigation into overseas markets. This is a free service.

Trade Partners UK Information Centre, Kingsgate House, 66-74 Victoria Street, London SE1E 6SW (Tel: 020 7215 5444, Fax: 020 7215 4231)

Web address: Specialist organizations

A number of specialized organizations exists to provide the type of desk research information obtainable through published sources. These organizations act as 'information brokers' and produce relevant abstracts and digests of statistics and news items to subscribers. An example would be the London Business School Information Service (Tel: 020 7723 3404, Fax: 020 7706 1897, E-mail [email protected])

Web address: Online aggregators

Online databases enable enquiries to be made of multiple data sources via the Internet. The best online services are those of information aggregators. Aggregators obtain 'content' from a number of different suppliers and make it accessible through a single website. These include general databases, e.g. Profound, Hoovers and Lexis Nexis, and specialist services, e.g. the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC). These often contain translations from a range of international publications. They generally charge for the most useful information and library access may be more appropriate for the researcher working on a small budget.

Web addresses:

Other useful sites are listed below.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has active relationships with over 70 countries, of which 30 are members, all assisting in supplying information on macroeconomics, statistics, trade, education, development, innovation and country reviews. There is a limited range of links to other useful websites.

A comprehensive business search engine covering over 25,000 industry, product and service subcategories. Partners include and Business Week. This site has excellent links to other websites and relevant information.

An extremely comprehensive website containing strategic business information on Asia and Pacific Rim countries, including book and journal listings coupled with expert critique from area specialists. This site has an excellent level of links to other useful websites.

A good-quality business news website with an Australasian predominance, giving in-depth coverage of key business news globally. It also has good links to other websites covering featured reviews and business news stories and to sites such as the New York Times.

An excellent online magazine that has critique from consultants, academics and industry leaders all focused on global management issues within a European context. This site has limited links to other websites owing to the forum nature of the site.

The Far Eastern Economic Review is a website specific to Asia that covers mainly business news for the Asia region. This site has fairly limited additional links to other sites.

The International Labour Organization website, as part of the UN, seeks to promote international human and labour rights. This is a very extensive and informative site on all issues concerning human rights. It also has some excellent links to other relevant websites.

The Japan External Trade Organization's website is wholly focused on providing information on the business climates of Japan and Asia, including advice on how to do business with Japanese companies. This site has excellent links to other relevant sites, including government ministries.

The British Universities' Business Libraries site offers a comprehensive listing of books, authors and other research information on many topics, ranging from business theory to medicine. This site has extensive links to other relevant sites.

This site is specific to business information sources on the web. It is a useful starting point for business research and has extensive links to other key relevant sites on the web.

The Financial Times site is excellent for research and holds up-to-date critiques on all areas of business. It also has excellent links to other relevant business websites. This site is a must for any business information required.

This site is a database of business text passages that have been stored and can then be grouped together by topic area so as to gain a variety of views from differing authors on the same subject area. This site does not offer many other links to other relevant sites.

The Institute of Management and Administration provides a subscription service for business and management information of all descriptions. It also offers some free research information and an online forum facility. This site has a number of good links to other sites.

The Harvard Business Online site offers a huge array of services based on the global business management arena. It includes the Harvard Business Review archive, and has a search facility that searches by article, journal and author of the publication or topic area. This site has limited links to other relevant sites.

This is a specialist site for American Government information; it is a comprehensive guide to most federal information required and offers excellent links to other relevant websites, including governmental bodies.

An extremely comprehensive website with a massive business listings directory. Although it has an American bias it is still very useful and covers every area of commerce possible. The links to other relevant sites are excellent.

This extensive site is a comprehensive guide to UK government information from citizenship to local authorities. This site also has an extensive list of other sites for further information, including all areas of government.

The Management Today magazine's website offers some good critiques on current management issues and also offers a useful search-by-issue feature. The site has a reasonable number of links to other relevant sites.

This site is very extensive and covers all management areas, mainly on a pay-to-view basis. It has an extensive journal database that can be searched; however, only a limited number of other useful website links is given.

The news website of the Wall Street Journal is extensive and covers the global business remit, although in some areas a paid subscription mechanism is used. The site also has some useful links to other sites.

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