Preface to the second edition

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Many books on marketing research are aimed at developing the technical expertise of the intending or actual research practitioner. This book is aimed at those who are intending or actual managers with a need to use research rather than practise it. It owes its existence to managers from many different areas of industry who attended courses on marketing research run by Sunny Crouch. They demonstrated the need for a book aimed squarely at the individual who wishes to use marketing research as an aid to better decision making. Their feedback suggested that the material was both relevant and useful.

These managers attended courses to learn more about marketing research because they believed, as we do, that the more a manager knows about this management tool, then the more effective he or she can be in using it. The book therefore aims to develop a better informed approach to the use of marketing research as an aid to decision making, by giving an insight into how marketing research is carried out. No previous knowledge of the subject by the reader is assumed, and the areas that normally receive a statistical treatment are explained here without the use of statistics.

Our warm good wishes to all readers for their success in improving their managerial ability through applying the techniques of marketing research described in the following pages.

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