Postal checking

Under the IQCS a minimum of 7.5 per cent of each interviewer's work is followed up with checkbacks by phone or face-to-face. A minimum of 10 per cent of the sample must be validated overall; up to 25 per cent of these checks may be carried out by post. The follow-up check might contain two questions from the interview, two demographic questions and the questions, 'Did you know the interviewer?' 'Did you see a prompt card?' and 'How long did the interview last?' If any doubts arise as a result of these postal checkbacks then the check is followed by a 100 per cent check on all of that interviewer's work. An example of a postal check form is shown in Figure 9.3.

wo understand tna; you hoipea one of ou' irlefvlewers focontly ty answering some queslions on_

We Ike io be sure :ha< our nlerYtewecs have ie1: a good impression and their work, is accurate. We would bo Y07 gratolul il you would iielp us again byanEwailng ids questions below, Your rspNos will bo compared wi:li ilioie recorded by Hie ¡rtorvtauier, a« a crt&St.

1 Was ihe inleiviewer oolile and courieoos''_

2 Htirt long did llltr iiiltiiviifw lahtff_

□ 15-&4 yes G£5-34yi3 □ 3S-&4 yjs □ &5 yre end over Control eiu«idri (if asplitable)_

Do y'dj Hue in ihe co-nsnvje-ney 01

Ate Ihe-rLT any CCfflrTflflls you would like 10 iraki DSnCerrmg 1he interview?

This card needs no stomp, Just aiop il In I lie post as soon as possible Thank you ones atjain lor yoyr cooperalian.

l-ifnrvTwrr ^Kpnrdp'il JUb EifckitfiSiftr IT ftAIn tJ I'nHM-i ttiiTEW fft|rrtw»r 111 Pr

Figure 9.3: Postal check form. (Courtesy of MORI)

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