Offthepeg research

Desk research generally is again of far greater significance in industrial marketing than in consumer marketing. Government publications, trade information, published sources, and so on, form a very important part of the data input for marketing decision making and planning. Setting up an inhouse information service to handle the relevant information in such a way that it is collected, classified and retrievable is well worthwhile. This may be concerned mainly with abstracting relevant statistics on a regular basis from appropriate secondary sources, or with generating an original cuttings or abstracting service from appropriate publications. Most of these functions can be handled online and the marketing database will allow remote access. A well-organized marketing intelligence executive may be expected to provide these services for the company, its markets and industry. Advice on searching for secondary sources is largely the same as indicated in Chapter 4. The main difference will be the types of publication or online services found to be useful. Where the consumer researcher is interested in the census of population, for example, the industrial researcher is more likely to be interested in the census of production.

As far as syndicated and omnibus research services are concerned these are unlikely to be available in a meaningful fashion in any but the largest and most sophisticated industrial markets. Some off-the-peg information is available, e.g. the Business Readership Survey, and specialist research services as discussed in Section 4.5.1.

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