New Brand of the Year winner Shell UK Oil Products

Fierce price competition between supermarkets and reducing marketing support from the major petroleum corporations have led many motorists to view petrol as a commodity.

In response, Shell made use of market research that identified several different customer segments to create Shell Optimax. Launched last year, it targeted real drivers willing to pay a premium for a fuel offering extra performance and engine protection.

With the technical task of product development, came the need to re-engage customers emotionally. Optimax was given a £5m budget, with the advertising's innovative fish theme rigorously adopted in all through the line communications.

By the end of 2002 Shell Optimax will have been rolled out to all 11,000 Shell service stations. It has met and exceeded all its targets, including winning new customers, upgrading existing customers, and improving margins. The payback period of 15 months was achieved in eight.

The Marketing Society Awards 2002_

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