As shown in the foregoing sections, the research proposal is a detailed specification of exactly what the research agency proposes should be done to solve the research problem. This specification of the research method should be accompanied by an explanation and discussion of what is proposed and why.

Questions that should be answered in the agency's proposal include:

■ Why the sample selection procedure indicated?

■ Why the size of sample indicated?

■ Why the personal interview technique rather than group discussion?

■ Why a 20-minute questionnaire and not a 30-minute questionnaire?

■ Why are open-ended questions requiring expensive coding and analysis being included in a large-scale quantitative survey?

■ Why is a written report or verbal presentation included, or why not?

■ Why the timetable indicated?

At each stage of the research proposal, the agency should make clear why they are proposing what they are proposing, and the client should find their arguments convincing.

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