Is research really necessary

It is just as important to know when not to use research as to know when it should be used. Almost all research is of some value to an organization, even if only at the level of general interest. It is all too easy for the manager facing a decision to decide that research will help in making a better decision without really thinking it through. 'What would happen if the research were not carried out?' is the most basic, yet most challenging and most often overlooked question. It involves analysing the action alternatives available, and may highlight the fact that with or without research the options are so limited that research cannot materially influence any subsequent action by the organization. It is also possible that the manager will discover that the organization is already fairly heavily committed to what it wants to do and the moment for decision-making research has effectively already passed. In that case, it would be more efficient to decide not to carry out a research programme, however desirable it may seem. Research may also be unnecessary if the costs or risk involved in taking action are small. The only research that should survive this question is that which can be clearly identified as being essential for the organization because it is relevant to an important, costly or high-risk decision and has the power to influence its outcome.

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