This chapter consists of a set of guides for research users. The purpose of these guides is to introduce the new research user to some of the common marketing problems to which research is applied, and in each case to suggest a data requirement and data sources. To use the guide, read down the following list and if one of the problems shown is close to your needs then look up the data requirement suggested. If this also meets your needs, then the problem could be tackled using the research approaches suggested under 'data sources'. Each data source mentioned is referenced back to its description elsewhere in the book. Some specific terms and techniques used in this section are explained in notes which follow the guides at the end of the chapter.

Research users' guides

Guide 1: Using research for market analysis (Section 16.2)

■ Where do our products/services stand in the market?

■ Should we withdraw from a market?

■ What different market segments exist and how do they differ?

■ What different needs, motives and satisfaction could my product/service gratify? Guide 2: Using research to develop new products and services (Section 16.3)

■ Generating ideas for possible new products or services

■ Selecting the most promising ideas for further development

■ Identifying target market segments and appropriate appeals

■ Developing product attributes, design and formulation

■ Testing the marketing plan

■ Testing different marketing strategies

■ Predicting market sales.

Guide 3: Using research to select brand names and pack designs (Section 16.4)

■ Which name to choose for a new product or service?

■ Which pack and pack design to use for a product? Guide 4: Using research for pricing decisions (Section 16.5)

■ What price to charge for a new product or service?

■ What is the actual selling price for our product in retail outlets?

■ What is the actual selling price for competitive products in retail outlets? Guide 5: Using research for decisions about advertising (Section 16.6)

Before an advertising campaign:

■ Who would the advertising be aimed at?

■ What should the advertising be saying?

■ How much should we spend on advertising?

■ Which media should advertisements go in?

■ How much should we spend in the media?

■ How much space and time should be bought?

■ How much should we spend on each medium?

■ Which advertisements to use? After an advertising campaign:

■ Were our advertisements seen?

■ Has the advertising worked?

Notes for Guides 1-5 appear at the end of Chapter 16.

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