Information about industries

As well as the relevant government data sources, trade associations and online aggregators, the following may be helpful.

1. ICC Information Group Ltd (Tel: 020 7426 8506, Fax: 020 7426 8551, E-mail: [email protected]) provides information via a range of databases, including Juniper and Plum, offering information on industries and companies internationally.

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2. Euromonitor (Euromonitor International Plc. Tel: 020 7251 1105, Fax: 020 7251 0985, E-mail: [email protected]) provides reports on a range of industry sectors internationally.

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3. The Marketing Pocket Book. The Advertising Association in association with WARC, Henley-on-Thames (Tel: 01491 574 671, Fax: 01491 571 188). One in a series of very useful little books supporting marketing and business activity in the UK. A compilation of consumer marketing data from published sources, The Marketing Pocket Book includes social and economic, marketplace, media and advertising data, and it has a small international section. A list of publications is available from the Advertising Association's website or the World Advertising Research Centre.

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4. The Economist Intelligence Unit (Tel: 020 7830 1007, Fax: 020 7830 1023, E-mail: [email protected]) provides research on a range of industries internationally.

Web address: Information about markets

Subscription services. These are designed to provide the latest information regularly. An annual charge is made for the service. Individual reports and back copies are usually available.

Many companies provide regular reports on markets. Their data collection methods are largely the same. These reports are produced through secondary research supported by some primary interviews with key industry personnel. Researchers within these companies are often respected experts in their field and may have far greater access to material and personnel than will be available generally. Users should check the methodology carefully and try to verify data through several sources. Many of these companies will also carry out ad hoc or consultancy work, for a fee.

1. Mintel International Group Ltd (Tel: 020 77606 4533, Fax: 0202 7606 5932, E-mail: [email protected]). Mintel publishes a range of reports on markets, companies and industries. Increasingly, these are international in scope. The Mintel website gives full details of the range of reports published and also gives details of a number of searchable databases. Many academic libraries carry copies of Mintel reports and these can be accessed online for a fee. All Mintel reports are available electronically, grouped under the following headings.

■ Clothing, footwear and accessories

■ Consumer lifestyle


■ Food and food service

■ Health and well being

■ Holidays and travel

■ Household/house and home

■ Industrial

■ Media and electrical goods

■ Miscellaneous

■ Personal finances

■ Personal goods and toiletries

Mintel: examples of recent reports Internet Quarterly Report, September 2002 Analgesics, September 2002 Canned Meat, September 2002 Organic Alcoholic Drinks, September 2002 Pies and Pasties, September 2002

Baby Food and Drink Market (The): US Report, September 2002

Call Centres (Industrial Report), September 2002

Disposable Baby Products Market (The): US Report, September 2002

Hotels Market (The): US Report, September 2002

House Building (Industrial Report), September 2002

Out-of-Town vs In-Town Retailing, September 2002

Red Meat Market (The): US Report, September 2002

Women's Hosiery Market (The): US Report, September 2002

Deposit and Savings Accounts, September 2002

Private Medical Insurance, September 2002

Sub-prime Lending: Entering the Mainstream, September 2002

Petfood & Petcare Retailing, September 2002

Womenswear Retailing, September 2002

European Retail Briefings, September 2002

Independent Holidays, September 2002

Roadside Catering, September 2002

Snowsports, September 2002

Video and Computer Games, September 2002

Retailing in the Middle East, September 2002

Occupational Health (Industrial Report), August 2002

Industrial Gases (Industrial Report), August 2002

Asia Pacific Hotel Industry (The), August 2002

Austria Outbound, August 2002

Batteries, August 2002

Christmas Foods, August 2002

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and the Future of Long-Haul Air Travel, August 2002 European Leisure Groups, August 2002

European Meetings and Incentives Industry (The), August 2002

Food Safety, August 2002

Home Baking, August 2002

Hotels in France, August 2002

Hotels in Germany, August 2002

Hotels in Ireland, August 2002

Hotels in Italy, August 2002

Hotels in Spain, August 2002

Hotels in the UK, August 2002

Household Fresheners, August 2002

Make-up, August 2002

Nursery Equipment: Transport, August 2002

Poultry, August 2002

Teenage Magazines, August 2002

Whiskies, August 2002

Menswear Retailing, August 2002

Wine Retailing, August 2002

Market Intelligence (monthly). Each issue contains a detailed market report on about five markets. As Mintel operates on a two year publishing cycle it is always worth checking to see whether relevant reports are available. Other Mintel services include:

■ Retail Intelligence (six per year): similar to Market Intelligence but about retailing rather than products

■ Leisure Intelligence

■ Personal Finance Intelligence

■ International Information Services

■ Daily Digest: daily information on subject profile specified

■ Monthly Digests on 12 different market areas

■ Special subject reports also available, e.g. the gardening market, the kitchen report

■ International New Product report

■ Market reports compiled from a variety of published sources

Report prices range from £495 to £1295 per report.

2. Keynote Publications Ltd, London (Tel: 020 8481 8750, Fax: 020 8783 0049, E-mail: [email protected]). Market and other reports compiled from a variety of published sources, priced from £345

Web address:

3. Datamonitor (Tel: 020 7675 7000, Fax: 020 7675 7500, E-mail: [email protected]). Reports on automotives, consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare and technology sectors, covering market and company analysis. Online or CD-ROM databases are available. Reports are priced at $1000-$5000.

Web address:

4. Frost and Sullivan (Tel: 020 7730 3438, Fax: 020 7873 9942). An international company producing often highly specialized research and consultancy covering a range of markets including business-to-business and industrial markets. Prices reflect the complexity of the research task in these markets.

Web address:

5. The Economist Intelligence Unit (Tel: 020 7830 1007, Fax: 020 7830 1023, E-mail: [email protected]) provides research on a range of industries internationally.

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6. Euromonitor (Euromonitor International Plc. Tel: 020 7251 1105, Fax: 020 7251 0985) publishes directories, journals and various market reports focusing on Europe but with an increasingly broad international perspective.

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7. Newsletter subscription services. Most online information services have a newsletter subscription service which may be free of charge. These are designed to provide the latest information regularly. Back copies are usually available through archive searching. Most of the services listed will provide a newsletter service free but will charge for the main content of the website

8. ACNielsen Co. Ltd, Oxford (Tel: 01865 742 742, Fax: 01865 742 222, E-mail: [email protected]). ACNielsen is a key provider of information to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. It offers a range of subscription and other services, including a retail measurement service using electronic point of sale (EPOS) data and store visits, and a range of scanning-based consumer panels including homescan. Through its ACNielsen MMS (Media Monitoring Service) subsidiary it can also provide data on advertising spend and media spend. Nielsen/NetRatings provides data on Internet business and browser behaviour. ACNielsen is a global provider of marketing services and should be contacted for a list of its services by anyone operating in consumer markets.

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9. Taylor Nelson Sofres (Tel: 020 8967 0007, Fax: 020 8967 4060). Like Nielsen, TNSofres produces a range of syndicated and ad hoc research. Super panel is a panel of 15,000 households and produces data on consumer purchasing. Data is gathered twice weekly.

Web address:

10. BMRB International (Tel: 020 8566 5000, Fax: 020 8579 9208, E-mail:

[email protected]). TGI (Target Group Index), a service provided by BMRB, is a comprehensive source of customer information for a broad spectrum of consumer goods and services. It is based on a sample size of 25,000 comprehensive interviews. Questions cover product consumption and usage, media buying behaviour and attitudinal data. Data is available demographically by age, gender, income and family size, etc., and is presented as a series of indices.

Web address:

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