Walkers' Doritos Dippas, 5

Wall Street Journal, 50

Web server logs, 293

Web Trends, 293

Websites, 6

directories, 42, 43-4 search engines, 42-4 usability studies, 301-2 See also Online businesses

Weeks Computing Services, 89

Weighting, 156-7

Welsh Omnibus Survey, 95

Whitehead, Catherine M, 89

Willings Press Guide, 45

Woodholmes-ksa, 89

Word association, 133

World Advertising Research Centre (WARC), 47

World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), 52, 312

World Chambers Federation, 46

World Wide Web, 291

See also Internet; Online businesses

Search Engine Manifesto

Search Engine Manifesto

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