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Problems with question and questionnaire design discussed in Chapter 8 hold equally for Internet marketing research. However, there are some specific questionnaire design programs from which online research can benefit. The use of online survey design software, for example Confirm-IT, can produce effective questionnaires very quickly (Figure 14.9). These can deal with questionnaire logic and ensure integrity throughout the design process. As with computer-assisted telephone and personal interviewing (CATI and CAPI), coding and analysis can be built in and results can be downloaded, for example to PowerPoint presentations.

Figure 14.9: Confirm-IT online survey design

Online questionnaires benefit from the richness of the medium, and the use of progress bars and summary tables can help with a sense of involvement and produce better results. Graphical interfaces and emoticons can be used to liven up scale questions, for example temperature gradients or smiley faces.

Filter and skip questions are easier to incorporate, and answers to a particular question can drive the subsequent questions. If the questionnaire is particularly complicated, call me or email me buttons can allow researchers to help with any questions the respondent might have.

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