Government statistics

1. National Statistics (Tel: 0845 601 3034, Fax: 01633 652747, E-mail:

[email protected]) is the official Statistical Service of the UK. It produces 'up to date comprehensive and meaningful description of the UK's economy and society'. As such, it is an invaluable resource for marketing researchers. The National Statistics website also has a wealth of data on a huge range of topics. The website is an excellent starting point. Data sets are organized under the following headings:

■ Agriculture, fishing and forestry

■ Commerce energy and industry

■ Crime and justice

■ Education and training

■ Labour Market

■ Natural and built environment

■ Population and migration

■ Public sector and other

■ Social and welfare

■ Transport travel and tourism.

Following links within these lists generates the full range of data. For example, clicking on the Social and welfare link reveals the following list of options:

■ Culture leisure and social participation

■ Income expenditure and wealth

■ Social Justice

■ Households families and individuals

■ Quality of life and welfare

Clicking on Income expenditure and wealth reveals:

■ Income and wealth of households and individuals Clicking here reveals another list of options which includes:

■ Consumer durables owned

■ Income distribution of households, etc.

If the title of the data set is known then a search option may be used. In addition, is a quick-find option which lists over 1000 government websites.

Other publications are grouped under the following headings:

■ Agriculture

■ Commerce and industry

■ Compendia and reference

■ Crime and justice

■ Labour market

■ Natural and built environment

■ Population and migration

■ Social and welfare

■ Transport and tourism

Key statistics services include:

2. Economic Trends (monthly). Provides a broad background to trends in the UK economy, supported by a detailed annual supplement.

3. Financial Statistics (monthly). Key financial and monetary statistics of the UK.

4. UK Balance of Payments. Balance of payment statistics including information on visible and invisible trade, investment and other capital transactions.

5. Size Analyses of United Kingdom Businesses (PA 1003). Analysis of company size by sector, by turnover size for service industries and turnover and employment size for manufacturing industry.

6. Social Trends (annual). The life of Britain through statistics. A statistical series about people relating to social policies and conditions that provides a picture of some significant ways in which our society is changing, and background information on society.

7. Family Expenditure Survey (annual since 1967). Data on characteristics, incomes and expenditure of private households in the UK. Trend data useful for indicating change in patterns of expenditure. Presented in report format in Family Spending.

8. New Earnings Survey (annual). Indicates earnings of employees by industry, occupation, region, age and gender.

9. For specific topics of interest, consult the subject list on the website. Web address: is also a useful starting point for exploring government data.

10. European statistical information is available via Eurostat. Web address:

11. The UN also has a statistical service.

Web address:

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