Gallup Field Readership Index, 349 Generalizations, 185-6 Genesis Consulting, 79 Geodemographics, 101-6 George Street Research Ltd, 79 GFK Marketing Services Ltd, 79 Globalization, 311 Google, 43, 44

Government assistance for overseas research, 324

Government published data, 44, 60-2, 317-19 commodity codes, 318 development plans, 318 directories, 318 foreign statistics, 317 mail-order catalogues, 318 market research reports, 318

GP Net, 97

GP ROS, 97

Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, 315

Group discussions, 135-6, 199-200 industrial organizations, 285

Group Sigma Ltd, 79

'Guinea-pig' effect, 141

11111151 iiSMSI

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