Experimental launching

This can also be called the 'projectable test launch'. It represents the most demanding type of market experiment because it is used to project the results from those achieved in the test area to what might be expected following national launch. For such projections to be made with any degree of accuracy it is necessary that the experimental procedure be statistically designed and rigorously controlled. Validity of the test procedure and accuracy in measurement are essential if usable projections are to be achieved. The difficulty and expense involved in carrying out a projectable test launch have led to a situation in which this kind of major test launch procedure is used less commonly than it was. Its main objective was to produce a sales projection with sufficient accuracy for a go/no go decision to be made for the product, based on sales probability forecasts. In practice, inadequacies in procedure, or simply changes in the marketplace, made statistical calculations very difficult. An absolute measure of the product's likely success in the marketplace cannot necessarily be achieved.

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