Data produced in the normal course of running the organization

A builders' merchant based in a small market town in the south and serving a wide area of the south of England was considering opening a second branch as a result of the success of the established operation. The problem was to decide where to site the new branch so as to increase sales rather than switch them from one branch to the other. Possibilities were five conurbations within 50 miles of the home branch. The decision was made by undertaking a detailed analysis of transactions on the database. Invoice records indicated where current customers were based. Factors were taken into account in order to estimate the potential demand in the areas under review, together with an analysis of the likely impact on the current operation of transferring trade to another location._

This example involved the analysis of sales records. Other data that may be useful in making decisions about the more effective and efficient running of an organization could include production records, distribution statistics or cost data.

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