Customer Insight winner Walkers Snack Products

Walkers' dilemma was how to meet a 7% sales growth target in a mature and static snacks market.

An extensive segmentation study established that the 'snacking occasion' was the biggest factor in determining what was bought. The biggest was in-home evening snacking where Walkers was underrepresented.

Doritos Dippas was an existing product that had enjoyed only modest success, but seemed to fit this brief perfectly. It was different from daytime snacks, a bit of a treat and adult oriented.

Qualitative research then identified the most motivating positioning as a 'chill out' snack to share with friends after a hard day's work. So was born 'Friendchips'.

Advertising ran from April 26 to May 26. In the immediate aftermath sales of Dippas Big Bags rose 76% year on year. Thanks to the halo effect, total sales of Doritos rose 13.2%, contributing almost 40% of the required uplift in sales across all brands.

The strategy was copied in other markets, including Belgium, Holland and Spain.

The Marketing Society Awards 2002_

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