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A second possibility for acquiring more information is to attend a course on marketing research. Business training courses provide a more effective 'hot-house' learning situation than is possible when acquiring information from books. They are also two-way communication systems, in which it is possible to tailor the information to meet precise requirements by the simple expedient of asking questions of the lecturer. Another advantage of attending courses is the enormous amount of learning that goes on from interactions with other delegates to the course.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society (MRS) both run courses and seminars on aspects of marketing research. The MRS runs an advanced certificate and diploma course in marketing research and there is also a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in marketing research. In addition, the MRS runs an extensive training programme covering many different aspects of the discipline. The MRS also accredits a number of Masters degrees in Marketing Research. An enquiry to these organizations or a search of their websites will provide descriptions of their courses and seminar programmes. Keep an eye on the business and marketing press for details of other management training organizations and institutions, and the courses they offer.

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