As in other buying areas, costs may be a useful indicator in making the buying decision. In the case of fieldwork several factors affect the costs:

■ the penetration of the product

■ the length of interview

■ the type of respondent

■ the type of interviewer to be used.

Also relevant will be the method of payment used for interviewers. Interviewers may be paid per interview, per day or per job. With fully structured questionnaires it may make sense for interviewers to be paid per completed interview, as this will encourage them to complete the work as quickly as possible. However, when open-ended questions are included in the questionnaire, the quality of data is likely to be better if interviewers are paid by the day and have no financial incentive to rush the probing of open-ended questions. The agency will decide the most appropriate method of paying its interviewers, but in comparing costs from different fieldwork agencies any relevant assumptions should be checked to ensure that like is being compared with like.

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