Cokes World Cup tactics

In the 1998 World Cup, Coke produced just one global ad called 'For the fans' by Wieden and Kennedy. Although it is using a re-edited version of that ad this time round, it is augmenting it with around 25 commercials specifically tailored to local markets.

'We simply haven't been this diverse before,' says Nastia Orkina, who as group marketing services manager is responsible for coordinating Coca-Cola's pan-European World Cup efforts. 'Previously it's been a big event advertisement and some vertical stuff. McCann-Erickson in the US would probably have done everything. But this time the national ads have been created after researching local attitudes to the World Cup around the world

Football fans have changed. Compared with just 12 years ago global audiences are far more sophisticated. They are far more likely to include women and children and fans are far more likely to have travelled abroad, appreciating the cross-cultural power of the tournament. Brand advertising must reflect this..

Coca-Cola's management also believes that local marketers, frustrated for so long by Atlanta's "one-size-fits-all" outlook have been liberated by the approach and are becoming much more productive. .'

In a world of diversity, and increasing distrust of US cultural hegemony, one suspects the soft drinks giant has finally got its football strategy right.

And whoever brings home the Jules Rimet trophy, it is likely that a certain team in red and white will be celebrating.

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