Attention value

The degree to which a pack is able to draw attention to itself and communicate its salient features when surrounded by competing packs is tested on two factors: 'stand-out' and 'identification'.

Stand-out is defined as the attention-getting value or impact of the pack when seen in a competing display, and is measured by 'find time'. Respondents are shown usually six realistic-looking product displays with the test pack present and three in which it is absent, the order of presentation and test item being varied for different respondents. Minimum average time in seconds taken to identify the test item is used as the criterion for standout or attention value.

Identification is related to the respondents' ability to recognize the brand and the readiness with which salient messages on the product are absorbed. This is measured using a tachistoscope, a device that displays a picture for a specific length of time, which can be varied. The respondent is shown a picture of the pack for periods of, say, one-hundredth of a second up to two seconds. After each exposure the respondent reports what has been seen. This indicates the readiness with which various aspects of the pack, including the brand name, are identified. The technique can be used to test different pack designs, colours, brand names, messages and so on.

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