Ambiguous terms should be avoided, or a definition included. 'Do you read a daily newspaper regularly?' What does 'regularly' mean? For some it might mean 'every day', but a person who regularly buys the paper on Friday could answer 'Yes', and other patterns might be included also. Normally the qualification, 'By "regularly", I mean three or more days each week', is added. But what does 'read' mean in this context? 'Look at?', 'Scan?', 'Read from cover to cover?', 'Buy, but don't actually get round to looking at?', and so on. So the qualification, 'by "read" I mean read or look at' is added. Now the question reads, 'Have you read, or looked at, a daily newspaper on three or more days in the past seven days?'

Online Survey Champion

Online Survey Champion

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