The first major research service to use geodemographics was ACORN, developed in the early 1980s. ACORN is an off-the-peg service offered by CACI Information Services, London (Tel: 020 7602 6000, Fax: 020 7603 5862). Its title is an acronym for 'A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods' and it divides the country into five categories, 17 groups and 54 types of neighbourhood based on enumeration districts (average population about 460). The full ACORN profile based on 1991 census data is shown in Table 4.3. ACORN is linked with syndicated services such as TGI, BMRB (Tel: 020 8566 5000, Fax: 020 8579 9208, E-mail: [email protected]) and NRS, and with the postcode system. This means that it can be used to identify areas of relevance for most product and service groups, and direct communication to those areas is possible through the postcodes.

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