When a person is busy or there is no answer

One of the major reasons for no answers is the increasing proportion of couples who both work, and the proportion is greater among high-income groups and in towns. At evenings and weekends young couples may form a dining-out or a shopping team. Weather is also a consideration: in the good weather during the summer months, people spend less time in the house and more outdoors, while in the cold season, the reverse is true. Call-backs are the solution but they have to be planned systematically.

In the case of telephone studies, interviews should be conducted only between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Interviewers should be thoroughly trained, and an emphasis should be put on making the interviewing experience pleasant and appealing to the respondent so that further cooperation is encouraged. The respondent should be told the topic at the start of the questioning and the questionnaire should be kept to a reasonable length.

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