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A number of types of marketing research are offered by specialist agencies:

• Custom-designed studies: designed to meet the specific needs of the buyer.

• Syndicated studies: ongoing surveys conducted continuously or periodically, using the same basic data that are reported separately to multiple clients. The reports can be adjusted to meet client needs.

• Standardised studies: based on a method of doing things (usually a unique method) such as copy testing, simulated test marketing or setting up a consumer panel or an omnibus study. Special equipment or facilities may be an inbuilt part of the service.

Outside agencies, offering research, may be categorised according to their type and location.

Local firms offering special types of assistance

These firms may specialise in interviewing, mall intercepts, telephone research etc. They may take on special local assignments for large, nationwide research companies. Such firms often offer facilities for focus and other types of research groups and may handle research other than their specialities.

National research firms

Agencies of this kind may be able to do almost all forms of marketing research. The companies often offer consulting in marketing and even general management. They also may offer computer-based information for use in databases, marketing strategy decisions and the like.

Consultants in various specialities

These firms may consult and advise about packaging, advertising and personnel problems. They also may offer to do some research relating to their specialities.

Assistance from outside research organisations

These firms may have a major field of interest, such as engineering or electronics. The research offered by consultants can include necessary outside studies, both marketing and technical.

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