Twophase screening

In this case, one survey is followed by a second among those who qualify. The first contact defines the qualifiers. The second produces the responses sought from those who qualify.


Cluster sampling

Where users of barbecues are to be questioned, clusters of neighbourhoods where barbecues are likely to be common can be identified. Either by telephone interviewing (using clusters by postal code, perhaps) or by personal interviewing within clusters, those having barbecues can be located efficiently.

Omnibus study

A continuing study, it is done either personally or by telephone. It makes it possible to ask a screening question and have the research firm follow up with those who ►

qualify. It is an inexpensive way to accumulate lists of those who qualify. However, there are limitations. If the study requires follow-ups, in-home placement of a product, exposure of a television commercial, or the like, the research firm may not be able to do this at reasonable cost, if at all.


The panel typically is a national list of families that have agreed to participate in mail and telephone studies, and the sponsoring research firm tries to make sure that the total panel represents national and regional demographics. The screening and follow-up can be over the telephone or by post.

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