The proposal

The producers of the proposal and plan should take into account how the findings and recommendations should be presented and to whom. These details impinge on how collected information is subsequently organised and best presented as charts, tables, slides or in other ways. A study that will be presented solely to top management may require important differences in method of presentation and details. Some thought has to be given to the types of personality that will examine the proposal. This means assessing the extent to which the proposal will have to 'prove itself' to certain management members and what will be needed to convince them to accept the proposal.


1 Clear statement of the marketing problem or problems to be investigated.

2 Contributory factors and constraints related to the problem.

3 Definition of the product/service to be investigated.

4 Definition of the survey population to be sampled.

5 Major areas of measurement - consumption, beliefs about products, expectations, attitudes, motivations, classifications of buyers etc.

6 Methodology to be adopted (types of data, method of sampling, research instruments etc.).

7 Expected degree of accuracy of research findings.

8 Cost and time involved in conducting the research.

9 Conditions applying to research.

10 Previous experience of researchers.

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