In this chapter, we have examined the general overall approach to qualitative analysis, a key aspect of which involves transcribing what has been said or otherwise recorded and then undertaking a detailed analysis of the transcribed text. This involves searching for keywords and phrases and categorising sections of text. Methods for doing this have been reported in the chapter, together with types of computer program that may be used to help in this process. In quantitative research, tables and graphs are used to display data and convey meaning in the analysis. In qualitative analysis the same effect may be achieved with the use of matrices and networks. The chapter has given some examples of these tools. In the case of networks, attention has also specifically been given to the construction of causal diagrams that can do much to help in the interpretation of findings.

1 What do you understand by qualitative analysis? How is it different from quantitative analysis?

2 What are the steps involved in the general process of qualitative research?

3 Indicate some of the operational aspects of qualitative research. What purpose do they serve?

4 Discuss the role that computer programs can play in qualitative research. How can they specifically help with some of the operational aspects?

5 What are data displays?

6 What are the two kinds of data display that can be used in qualitative research? How do they compare with data displays that can be used in quantitative research?

7 To what purposes might cognitive maps be put in qualitative research?

8 What are causal diagrams? What use are they in the context of qualitative

A survey was conducted to ascertain cyclists' views on provisions for them in the town. Cyclists were asked what beneficial improvements were needed. The responses to the survey, together with the sex and age of the respondents, can be seen in Table 11.4.

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