Story completion role playing and reactions to lists

Story completion is a longer version of sentence completion in which participants are presented with partial scenarios and asked to complete the story. For example:

It was a dark day and the headlamps of the cars moved like will-o'-the-wisps in the murky twilight. Candice stepped almost unconsciously into a limousine that stood, door ajar, at the kerb ...

Role playing

Participants are asked to assume the role of another person and to behave in a manner in which they feel that person would act. For example, to identify people's attitudes towards a particular brand a small group of respondents is asked to provide the conversation they feel would occur in a similar-sized group of consumers discussing their feelings about the brand.


Lists of various products or activities are shown to participants and they are asked to describe the type of person who would have used such a list. Their answers will shed light on their feelings about the items on the list and what type of people such items appeal to.

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