Steps in solving problems

It is usually possible to solve problems in more than one way. For example, a new range of furniture may be produced for sale in the domestic market, the domestic market and Europe or for worldwide distribution. A decision has to be taken as to which of these options is the best strategy to adopt. The decision here reflects the nature of the problem and, in such a problem statement, there are three possible options.

The problem statement illustrates the important point that the various options need to be identified and set out. Information then has to be obtained that is pertinent to each of the identified courses of action so that an objective evaluation can then be made about the course of action to follow. There may be some disagreement about the nature of the options and it is therefore of paramount importance that these disagreements are resolved as soon as possible. Before the final definition of the marketing problem, those involved in the decision must also agree on the nature and quality of the information needed to make a sound decision.

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