Research proposal

Summary of brief

1 To determine the viability of opening a recruitment agency in central London.

2 To determine if the Central Training College would be a good location.

3 To find out if the name Central Recruitment would be acceptable.

Proposed research objectives

1 Investigate current and future demand for recruitment agencies.

2 Investigate actual intentions to use the service.

3 Discover if the name of the recruitment agency is an important factor in the purchase decision.

4 Investigate student and business attitudes to the provision of such a service.

5 Obtain demographic details of both students and businesses interested in the service.

Proposed research design

Conduct two surveys, one of the students at the college and the other of the employers. Students to be interviewed face to face and the employers will be contacted by post.

Source: Fry2


Produce a flowchart and questionnaires that could be used in this research.

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