Q5 How much do you have to spend?

Q6 Would you come on Friday nights after 6 o'clock if you thought we were open?

Q7 Have you a car?

Q8 What do you think about the quality of our service?

Q9 Where do you go for your holidays?

Q10 Can you park your car all right?

Q11 Are the trolleys the right size?

Q12 Do you bring your children with you?

Q13 Have you any complaints?

Q14 Do you like our green products?

Q15 Do you not think that we should not close every other Sunday?

Q16 What is your sex?

Q17 How often do you come here?

Q18 Do you think this is a clean shop?

Q19 Do you think we should diversify?

Q20 What promotional offers would you like to see?

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Online Survey Champion

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