Overlapping Responses

If the categories of response given are in ranges such as:

then there is clearly overlap between category 1 and category 2, and between category 2 and category 3. Redrafting the categories of response as:

1 less than 5

removes the problem.

Double-barrelled questions should be avoided

These are questions where two opinions are joined together in the one question. DOUBLE-BARRELLED QUESTIONS

'Do you think the service provided in the hotel is friendly and efficient?'

There are really two questions in one here. Is the service friendly? Is the service efficient? Two questions are warranted to avoid confusion in recording and analysing answers.

Reliability and validity of questions

Reliability reflects whether asking the same question of the same person on a subsequent occasion will elicit the same response. Validity reflects whether you are ascertaining through a question what you think you are ascertaining. Both are influenced by the respondent's ability to answer a question accurately. If a respondent is not informed on a topic or exhibits poor memory recall relating to the topic, the accuracy of responses will be impeded. Under such circumstances the reliability and validity of the question is in doubt.

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