Ordinalscaled Data

Given three ratings 1, 2 and 3, we cannot say that the distance between 1 and 2 is the same as between 2 and 3, nor can we say that the magnitude of 2 is proportional to both 1 and 3. There is, however, an implied ordered sequence so the option listed first is less or greater than the object listed second and subsequently.

An interval scale reflects how much more one object has of an attribute than another object. It is possible to tell how far apart two or more objects are with respect to the attribute. Interval data have order and distance properties and the most frequent type of measure of central tendency is the arithmetic mean. The standard deviation is also used to measure dispersion about the mean. Almost the whole range of statistical analysis can be applied to interval measurement scales but interval data do not allow comparisons of the absolute magnitude of the measurements to be made across objects. We cannot say that an object assigned the number 6 has twice as much of the characteristic being measured as the object assigned the number 3. While interval data possess the characteristic of order and distance, there is no absolute origin (zero point). Interval scales are often used in commercial marketing research studies, especially when a researcher collects attitudinal and overall brand rating information.

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