Nonofficial sources of data

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There are also many non-government sources of data published by a variety of bodies: trade associations, banks, academic institutions, the trade and professional press, newspapers, and surveys produced by commercial research organisations. Some of these are shown in Table 3.3.


Useful sources of information provided by commercial organisations


Useful sources of information provided by commercial organisations

ADMAP (monthly)

Covers all advertising media with regular analyses of advertising expenditures by product categories and media

BLA Group: Market Assessment (bi-monthly)

Home, office and leisure sectors in the UK


Useful sources of information provided by commercial organisations (continued )


Useful sources of information provided by commercial organisations (continued )

British Rate and Data (BRAD)

Detailed information on newspapers, magazines, television and other advertising media

Euromonitor: Market Research Europe (bi-monthly)

Studies of specific markets

Euromonitor: Market Research Great Britain (monthly)

Studies of specific markets

Financial Times: Business Information Service

Business intelligence service: national and international commerce and industry data. Brand shares, advertising expenditure, production, imports and exports

Keynotes Reports

Consumer and industrial market sizes and trends

Kompass Directory

Provides information on firms in different industries and also geographically. Available for the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Useful for identifying competitors

Kompass On-line

Provides company names and addresses for thousands of firms throughout Europe, along with other pertinent information about the companies

Marketing in Europe (monthly)

Specific aspects of markets

Market Research Society Yearbook

Mainly useful for providing comprehensive lists of organisations providing market research services in Britain

Media Expenditure Analysis (MEAL)

Advertising expenditure across media types

Mintel Market Intelligence Reports (monthly)

Reports on consumer products

Retail Business (monthly)

Specific aspects of markets

Retail Intelligence (Mintel) (quarterly)

Special studies of various market sectors

An interesting new partnership has formed between the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Taylor Nelson Sofres. These two bodies are the largest gatherers and analysers of data in the UK in their respective sectors - public and private. The ONS's mission is to improve decision making in business by providing quality statistics. Taylor Nelson Sofres, as the UK's largest market research firm, has set the standard for market data analysis for more than 20 years. These two organisations have joined forces to produce UK Markets, published by Taylor Nelson Sofres from data provided by the ONS. The data relate to 4800 products taken from 28,500 statistical returns made by the ONS under the Products of the European Community (PRODCOM) inquiry. The returns provide 90% coverage of UK manufacturers' sales - the remaining 10% is estimated. The aggregated UK product sales totals are passed to Taylor Nelson Sofres, which processes the data further, adding derived tables, analysis, commentary and charts.


UK Markets is a series of 91 annual and 34 quarterly reports on UK manufacturers' sales, export/import and net supply. Data are provided for every manufacturing sector of the UK on:

• total manufacturers' sales for each of 4800 products

• export/import totals in terms of both value and volume, inside and outside the EU

• the value of net supply to the UK market

• import and export ratios, inside and outside the EU

• average values of the product for each category

• trend data for up to the last five periods, both as actual figures and indices

• analysis and interpretation, with user-friendly commentaries, charts and graphs.

The data and analyses in each report enable a firm to:

• compare its own performance with that of the total market

• assess market share in every category

• compare unit sales with the industry and market norms

• monitor trends and more accurately forecast the future

• measure share of exports

• measure share of the UK market held by imports.

UK Markets is available in three formats: hard copy, CD-ROM and Intelligent fax.

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