Need For More Creativity In Research

We live in a world that is undergoing continuous and rapid change. Situations are regularly encountered that have not previously arisen. Technology, competition, changes in social values, new expectations of customers, economic upheaval and all the other kinds of changes that can occur in the business environment produce new problems for management. Solutions to such problems often require insight that traditional, well-used problem-solving techniques are unable to provide. Under such circumstances, the need for creative problem solving assumes a greater importance than ever before. Developments in world markets, shorter production cycles, the need to find new ways to resource the exploitation of opportunities and the scarcity and cost of basic resources are just a few of the new challenges for the modern-day executive. In order to respond to such challenges there is a need to think creatively.

Research findings have provided support for the argument that there is a direct link between creative thinking and organisational efficiency and effectiveness.18 In particular, creativity helps to improve the value of solutions to persistent organisational problems. It has also been found that creativity helps to encourage profitable innovations, rekindles employee motivation and improves personal

skills and team performance. All these can contribute towards a continuous flow of ideas for new products and services and, by improving work processes, provide the platform on which an organisation can develop its competitive advantage.

There are few aspects of organisational activity where the need for creativity does not make itself felt. While the need for new ideas often predominates problem tasks, old ideas, too, need to be re-examined. After all, creativity is the process of revealing, selecting, swapping around and combining our store of facts, ideas and skills. Rickards19 has described creativity as an 'escape from mental stuckness', an operational definition that is very much in keeping with its role in decision making and problem solving.

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