What kind of shoppers are A and B? Examine the two shopping lists and suggest characteristics for each of the shoppers.

Shopper A

Shopper B

1 tin baked beans (Heinz)

2 large cartons of semi-skimmed milk 6 apples - Coxes

2 packets white sugar

1 jar of Nescafé

2 tins of sardines

4 cans of Lager (Skol) 1 tub of chocolate ice-cream (large)

1 packet of PG Tips tea bags (large)

2 loaves (white - from bakery dept) 2 packets of pork sausages

2 kilos new potatoes 1 packet of baby corn

1 box of tea bags (large)

2 cartons of milk (large) 1 tub of margarine

1 bottle of aerated water 1 packet of Special K cereal 1 tin of tuna chunks 4 yoghurts - organic (fruit) 6 eggs (medium)

A variation on this method is to have two identical shopping lists, except for one item. The lists are shown to different samples of respondent - i.e. no one person sees both the lists. This helps to spot what people associate with the item that is different on the two lists.

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