Latin square design in a supermarket grocery

The experiment reported in Table 9.4 makes use of a 3 x 3 design. The rows represent three different stores and the columns represent three time periods. Three replications of the 3 x 3 design were included in the experiment, each comprising a different set of three stores. The treatments consisted of three colour ranges of bananas: treatment A - 'highly coloured green', 75-100% good green colour; B - 'partly green', 50-75% good green colour; and C - 'yellow colour', 50-100% good yellow colour. The performance of treatment A (for example, average sales across the nine As) can be thought of as a weighted average, where the weights given to each store and day of the week are equal. Treatment B's performance is based on the same set of weights for stores and days of the week that were used to compute the performance of treatment A. This is also true for the weights used to compute the average performance of treatment C.

The results of the experiment indicate that customers most prefer the highly coloured green bananas and least prefer those in the partly green category.

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