Critique the questionnaire in Figure 7.4 relating to cycling in Mudchester and suggest how it might be improved. You should pay attention to the various points about questionnaire design and construction that have already been mentioned.

Mudchester cycle questionnaire

To help us to carry out our policy of improving conditions for cyclists in Mudchester, we should be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire.

A prepaid envelope is attached.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Q1 About you

Q1 a What sex are you? □ Male □ Female Q1b Age DO-16 □ 17-24 □ 25-34

□ 35-44 □ 45-59 □ 60 plus Q1c How long have you been cycling regularly in Mudchester? □□ years Q1d How long have you been cycling altogether? □□ years

Q2 About yourjourney

Q2a How far have you cycled? □ km Q2b How long did it take you? □ mins Q2c What is the purpose of your journey?

1 □ Work 2 □ Education 3 □ Shopping 4 □ Leisure 5 □ Other 6 □ Not stated Q2d Other (please specify] _

Q2e How many days a week do you cycle? □ days

Q3 Your opinion

Q3a Where do you/would you like to park your bicycle?

Q3b What improvements do you think the Mudchester Council should make?


Mudchester cycle questionnaire

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