Designing The Questionnaire

First, the problem to be tackled by the survey has to be defined. This will enable you to decide what questions to ask. It is always tempting to cover too much in a questionnaire. However, too long a questionnaire can be demoralising for both interviewer and respondent. A questionnaire should only be as long as is absolutely essential for its purpose. Moreover, the aim of the questionnaire should always be borne firmly in mind when constructing it and each question should make contributions to the research objectives.

The information obtained as a result of administering the questionnaire will depend on the respondent's ability and willingness to respond. The aim should be only to ask opinions if the interviewer is reasonably sure that the respondent understands what is involved and is able to give meaningful answers. The interviewer should also aim to ask questions only from those who are able to answer them accurately. It should always be borne in mind that a willingness to respond is not a guarantee of the accuracy of the answers.

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