Deciding Who Should Do The Research

A firm's own research staff alone may undertake research, it may be given to an outside agency to perform or some combination of these two options may be chosen. Where both an outside agency and internal personnel undertake research on the same problem, consultation between the outside agency and internal personnel is essential. Handing over a complex study completely to an outside firm can be fraught with problems. Having said that, however, allowing internal personnel to have too much of an input may prevent new and useful insights emerging. The research proposal should identify who should do what.

Where company personnel are used in the research, even though a competent agency has been hired, there are several advantages to be gained. Using people from departments that will be affected by the study will help 'sell' the results.

Assistance from outside research organisations

Using company personnel can also direct and redirect the progress of the study into the most useful and profitable areas. Using people from departments other than marketing will educate them about the ways and benefits of marketing research.

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