Creating indices attaching source information to each occurrence and keyword in context concordance

Where it is important to compare what has been said in one context with what has been said in another context, we could merely compare the frequency of the occurrence of relevant words (content analysis). However, some researchers may prefer to look at a list of locations of each word or phrase. Such a list would be similar to an index in the back of a book, but it would provide information on several levels: document name, chapter number, page and perhaps even paragraph number. In this way, not only can the words be compared across texts, but their locations can be found and the context can be taken into consideration. Techniques that are helpful here involve the researcher creating what is commonly called a keyword in context (KWIC) concordance. The word is listed and each occurrence is surrounded by a specific range of content.

ALUM.TXT 28690 words/3193 types

'aluminium foil' 127 lines


whatever it is made of, the way the aluminium foil is constructed it is sufficient as milk, coffee jars, and yoghurts Aluminium foil is usable as an airtight seal and chickens, etc. The use of aluminium foil for cooking is again a common arose due to the visual nature of aluminium foil. If the foil was scrunched a Use in theatrics to symbolise water Aluminium foil is often used in plays at school Use as Christmas wrapping paper. Aluminium foil could be used for Christmas idea was suggested by the fact that aluminium foil would not require the traditional by number 5. The fact that aluminium foil could be moved into a position that they both adopt sheer form, Aluminium foil could also quite easily be cut to shape creation of Christmas decorations Aluminium foil could be used as decorations marathon. Runners are wrapped in aluminium foil type sheets to retain their body heat.

Aluminium foil is well known as a heat retain bright and glittering objects. Aluminium foil, due to its shiny nature 13. use in a flask The fact that aluminium foil is a good heat retainer gave of the use of illicit narcotics Aluminium foil is also used by drug users documentaries. § Notes: § The use of aluminium foil as Christmas wrapping paper also gave rise to the idea of using aluminium foil for animation. The initial I have come across aluminium foil mostly when it is associated was to look at the properties of aluminium foil and to associate uses to these Torquay looking for items packed in aluminium foil. Mince pies/tart trays

Constructing keyword in context is the sole purpose of the KWIC text index. It is a simple, cheap program that makes a list of words in a file or any chunk of it and sorts it alphabetically with reference information. The function is also performed by the Longman Concordance program, an illustration of which is given in Figure 11.2. The keyword that was searched in this case was 'aluminium foil' and a proportion of the 127 abstractions is shown.

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